Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan Reigh Gilpin. Born and Raised in Texas and I'm currently attending Texas State University-San Marcos. I'm pretty laid back and love to post random crap :D I'm 21 so I like to party and drink my life away when I don't have any homework or I'm off from work. I'm not a fan of people who follow someone and then don't talk to them at all, so you can guarantee I will talk to you every now and then if you follow me, cause I'm nice! :) So that's pretty much who I am in a nutshell, if you want to know more feel free to follow me and ask me! P.S. follow my cousin http://dylangonzo.tumblr.com/ he isn't as cool as me but still a little cool I guess haha

Someone once told me that
explaining is an admission of failure.
I’m sure you remember, I was on
the phone with you, sweetheart.

— Richard Siken- Little Beast (via astrangecompassionforsnails)

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